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                      American Marquetry Society

Welcome to the American Marquetry Society

We urge you to browse around and perhaps you may be encouraged to Join our organization. We currently have several hundred  members throughout the United States, Canada, and Abroad. We also have several chapters throughout the United States. You can join now for as little as $35 a year and become a member with all the benefits of the American Marquetry Society.
Please click on the Benefits tab of the menu to learn about all the benefits you will receive by joining The American Marquetry Society

The American Marquetarian
These are some extraordinary  examples marquetry on furniture. Many of our members have been inspired to reach this level of craftsmanship. However, they did not start out at that level. We all start at the beginner stage and learn as much as we can about our craft. That along with practice, practice, and more practice will lead us to the top tiers of craftsmanship. Please join us at the AMS and allow us to show you the way!


The American Marquetry Society (AMS) is devoted to advancing the art and craft of marquetry. Our goal is to promote, inform and educate the general public about this unique art form. Founded in 1997, we currently have several regional Chapters located throughout the United States and our membership is scattered worldwide. We openly welcome anyone interested in marquetry, from the enthusiastic beginner to the skilled marquetarian.
The AMS publishes a quarterly Magazine called The American Marquetarian devoted to distributing helpful information about marquetry. Each issue offers a variety of information such as Marquetry related articles, Marquetry techniques, Projects for the marquetarian, Questions and Answers column, Sample Patterns, and Regional News and Updates. In addition to receiving the latest issues of The American Marquetarian, all members now have immediate access, through the Members Only portal on our website, to hundreds of detailed marquetry patterns as well as all of the past issues of our quarterly magazine!
If you are interested in pursuing marquetry, we hope you will consider becoming a member of the AMS. All persons are welcome regardless of age, gender or location.
To become a member today, click on the Join Us link and fill out the required information. An introductory letter will be e-mailed to you upon completion of your request. Thank you for visiting the AMS web site and we hope to hear from you soon.

2023 AMS Marquetry Contest

The contest has closed and judging is complete. See the  The American Marquetarian for results.